Euro lining – lining made by European standards.
The division of the lining into the usual and lining is connected with the requirements of the standards for the production of the lining board. The Russian standard for the production of lining is GOST 8242-88, foreign – DIN 68126. The lining is different from the domestic lining of timber grading, profile, geometry – width and thickness, quality requirements for surface treatment and moisture of the board. The presence of longitudinal ventilation grooves on the back of the lining, designed to remove condensate – a distinctive feature of the requirements of European standards. These longitudinal samples also relieve the internal tension in the board associated with a drop in temperature and humidity. The paso-crest combination on the euro carriage is made according to the European standard deeper than on the ordinary GOST board. Eurostandards are more demanding on the quality of the board, so the price of the lining is higher than the lining made according to GOST.

To attach the lining to the base, special clips “klyammery” are used, which are put on the part of the groove of the euro lining adjacent to the mounting rail, the nail is driven into the hole on the klyamere, and not to the wood of the lining, this method of fixing contributes to a more aesthetic appearance of the surface with a lined eurofloor, There are no nail hats and traces of erection on the surface of the lining.